Monday, March 25, 2013

Liebster Award - Facts about Us

11 Fun Facts about Mr. & Mrs. Toews
  1. Our bed does not have a frame to it. That's right, we have a mattress and a box spring, but no frame. We sleep about one foot from the floor. And we're not in a hurry to get one. 
  2. We ear spaghetti at least once a week. It is truly our favorite. The type of noodles may change, but red sauce and noodles are always in stock. And usually you will find leftovers in the fridge or in our lunch boxes. 
  3. Kameron keeps the house more tidy that I do. He does more dishes, more laundry, more cleaning, and sometimes more cooking. I call him my house husband. 
  4. Most of our dating relationship was spent long distance, usually in different states, sometimes in different countries. His first year of college was spent in Arkansas while I was in Iowa. One summer I was in South Dakota & he was in Michigan. Another summer I was in Zimbabwe and he was in Indonesia. The semester before we got engaged I was in Iowa while he was in Oman. Yeah. Our favorite part of marriage is that we get to see each other every day. 
  5. When I was a kid, my older brother {accidentally} hit me in the head with a golf club. I got three stitched just near my eye. But I still love him. 
  6. We do not have cable, let alone any local TV channels. What we do have is Hulu & Netflix. We are currently watching: Psych, Monk, New Girl, Go On, Mad Men, the Killing, and interesting documentaries & independent films. 
  7. We own the loudest clock in the world.
  8. Each year we try to watch all of the Oscar-nominated films before the Academy Awards. Each year we fail.
  9. We have about 7 pet turkeys that run around these apartment complexes. One of them is disabled, and I always feel bad laughing about how the poor guy runs.
  10. We dream to travel the world. ---but somehow we ended up back in my hometown. --- still it won't be long now til we start filling up our passports with stamps.
  11. We have known each other most of our lives. Childhood sweethearts turned husband & wife.

This post is part of a little mini-series about the Liebster Award that Laura gave to me last week.
Click here to read the first post, my acceptance speech.
Click here to read the answers to the questions Laura asked me.


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