Monday, March 04, 2013

Craft Time: Sew a Toothbrush Holder

This was one of the first projects I made using my new sewing machine last year (along with the T-shirt quilt). Super easy & a great way to get to learn how to use my new machine.

Another thing I like about this toothbrush holder is that it also functions as a washcloth! -- a great space-saver when it comes to packing!

Here's what I used:
  • a washcloth
Here's what I did:  (hope you enjoy my professional quality diagrams)
  • start with the washcloth with the corners straight up and out
  • pin the bottom three corners together (depicted below)
  • sew from the new bottom right corner to the center (being careful not to accidentally sew to the backside)
  • sew from the new bottom left corner to the center  (these 2 step depicted below)
  • on each side of the center, sew a straight line through all layers (the three sections should be big enough to hold 2 toothbrushes & a tube of toothpaste
    )  (this step depicted below)
  • insert toothbrush & paste, toss in your suitcase & enjoy convenient dental hygiene on an awesome road trip!
Click here for a list of Easy Sewing Projects, a post I wrote for Little House Living.


  1. This is nifty & thrifty!!! Thanks!!!

  2. If traveling, be sure tho throw in a plastic baggie in case the cloth gets wet. This will protect your other articles. This is a great and nifty toothbrush/paste holder! Thanks for sharing!


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