Monday, February 04, 2013

Wedding: Videography

Our wedding video was virtually free to capture, edit, and make copies. --- and so can you!

Where did we get the video cameras? We were allowed to borrow two HD cameras from our college's A/V department. Can you believe it? I can't. Your college might let you do the same thing. Make sure you have a good relationship with students and faculty in the department. And don't be afraid to ask.

Who were our videographers? Two of our good friends. (thank you Gadget & Lyric). Neither of them had much experience with a video camera, but they did awesome. They felt free to experiment with angles, focus, etc. Friends can make the best videographers. They feel comfortably with both the bride & the groom, and it is a great way to involve friends in the wedding in a unique way. 

Did we pay the videographers? Like other members of our big day team, we paid them in gift certificates to a local coffee shop. We were really cheap. But I think they appreciated it. If not, sorry, and thanks for still being our friends!

Who edited the video? Kameron did. Mr. Toews went to school for video editing. So this was Fa-REEE! He used Final Cut Pro. and created a highlight video and also edited different chapters of a longer DVD, with features about Getting Ready, Decorations & Details, Taking Pictures, Ceremony, and Reception.

I love looking back & watching our wedding video. Makes the big day seem so fresh in my memory!

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  1. Nice videography. My wedding was on 6th feb this year and it was an awesome experience with moving presentations for my wedding videography.



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