Friday, February 08, 2013

Wedding: Reception Dance Music

Did we have a DJ? Nope. We did not hire a DJ. We did, however, have an MC, a Master of Ceremonies. One of our friends, one of Kameron's personal attendants, got things rolling at the wedding reception. He announced our entrance, announced the toasts, and made sure the flow of the music was wedding dance material.

Where did we get our music? We made a Spotify playlist.

Did we have big speakers? Yes. This was another item provided by the A/V department of our college. They charged us a little big for the speakers & a sound board & a microphone, but Kam's buddies covered the cost as part of our wedding gift. You guys rock!

How did we choose the music? During one afternoon session at the Old Factory Coffee Shop in Orange City, we picked out some favorites, banned some cheezy wedding dance song (Chicken Dance, Twist & Shout, YMCA). I am hesitant to dance to those songs at other peoples' weddings, so refused to play them at our wedding. We wanted the dance at the reception to be fun & lively. We chose some of today's top hits, some great oldies, and some other up-beat indie music.

We had a separate playlist for music played during the mingling part of the reception. Slow-paced favorites from Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, & Michael Buble. It was fun to watch the little kids dance to this music alone on the dance floor as their parents mingled and snacked.

What was our first dance song? Everything by Michael Buble. (Our MC started with the wrong song. Which was funny. & no hard feelings left).

What was the father/daughter & mother/son dance song? The Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennett

Anything else funny happen? At the last minute, my dad wanted to change up what we had in mind for the wedding party dance. Instead of a fast-paced song that would bring in the wedding guests, he wanted a slower paced song were the wedding party would dance with their counter-part, and the parents would dance with each other. Oh. My. Goodness. It was awkward. Some of the wedding party did not know their counter part and refused to look at each other. And we were all laughing and making it more awkward that it should have been. If the dance was originally planned that way, and gave the wedding party a heads-up, maybe it would have ran smoother, instead it was a disaster. But makes for a funny story, no?

Would we recommend doing your own music to other brides&grooms? Absolutely! It was really cheap. Really easy. More personable. And we had a lot of control over what music was played. That equals, cheap, clean, fun that lasted all night! There was never really a lull on the dance floor like you see at other weddings. The floor was hopping from beginning to end! The owner of the facility was surprised at how much fun and dancing there was although no alcohol was served. So that must be saying something!


  1. Everything by Michael Buble is a nice song. It’s important that the first song you play in your reception is a catchy one. That will surely set the mood of your guests and will let them stand up and groove with you. :’) Make sure that the song you include on your playlist is really suitable to your wedding party though. If everyone enjoyed it or somewhat related with the songs you played, then you did great!

  2. I think the funny part of your wedding wasn’t a disaster at all. I think they just didn’t expect that they’ll be put in an awkward situation. Hehe. Anyway, I wonder what your reception hall looks like. If you had a spacious venue, the guests who participated in the dance have got to be a bit shy because they would’ve been the center of attention. :p


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