Friday, January 25, 2013

How To: Make a Quick Pom-Pom

After I cleaned up my yarn skeins by rolling them into balls, I wanted to fancy up some hats that I have made by adding pom-poms to the top. Usually I use a cardboard process, that I may show later, but in the midst of our move I wanted to do something a little easier, so I improvised. 

I will teach you this quick DIY and at the same time add to the hat that I have been teaching you how to crochet. To see how to make the simple beanie, click here. To see how to add the simple trim, click here.
Step 1: Wrap a whole bunch of yarn around your four fingers. Like this:
 Step 2: Cut the yarn when your "mitten" gets sufficiently thick. Also, Cut a 6-10inch long strand to use to wrap your pom-pom.
 Step 3: insert crochet hook between middle & ring finger and pull small strand through.
 Step 4: Wrap small strand around "mitten" as shown below:
 Step 5: Cut the outside edges of your "mitten" as shown below:
 Step 6: Form into pom-pom ball (make sure you keep track of the small strand to be used later)
Step 7: Trim and clean up pom-pom to make pretty
 Step 8: Attach to top of hat by tying small strand together inside hat.
 And there you have it. A quick DIY pom-pom tutorial. Share your secrets & tips below.

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