Monday, January 28, 2013

Book Nook: Uncle Jesus

Uncle Jesus by Georgia Lee Anderson

The children's book, Uncle Jesus is about Jesus's fictional nephew named Shem who asks his grandmother Mary (Jesus's mother) about the life of Jesus. She tells stories of the angels announcing his coming, his preaching, and his death. Shem has such a loyalty to Jesus, that makes it seem like Shem could have really been Jesus's nephew. The author wrote: "My reason for writing this story is that I want children to know that Jesus had a family. He lived like most boys in his neighborhood. I want children to embrace the fact that they can related to Jesus."

This story was pretty sweet and precious. A great work of fiction. But although it is fictional, there are, obviously, Biblical ties. Unfortunately, not all Biblical ties are accurate. On a couple occasions  Mary Jesus's mother, mentions that Jesus was not her oldest son, which would mean that Mary was not a virgin when she bore Jesus. (Or maybe the brothers were Joseph's kids before he married Mary??). And although it refers to Jesus's death, and that Shem is sad that Jesus died, the book makes no reference to the resurrection of Jesus or his ascension into heaven. As these are crucial points in the Christian faith, confusion could result when reading it to your kids. ---- However since it is a children's book & not a scholarly work, I think that the author can be forgiven. 
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