Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Craft Time: DIY Instruments for Kids

Over the holidays, we did some babysitting. While iPads and cartoons were readily available, we believe that kids should not spend all of their time in front of screens, no matter how easy it makes babysitting/parenting. Here are some fun instruments that you can easily make yourself to keep kids entertained for hours.

While I did not technically make these, they were found at my aunt & uncles house, they seemed preeeeety easy to make. All you need is empty cans (like coffee cans or from canned veggies/soup) & duct tape. The steps are pretty simple too. Duct tape the cans together as shown below. If you have a drum stick, great! If not, find a stick from outside or just use your hands/fingernails. These are a big hit for any little munchkin!

Over at LHL I posted about these fun/loud instruments. Check it out!
All you need is: 2 paper plates, crayons, dry beans, & a stapler. Collor the backsides of the plates. Add a handful of beans to the rightside of one plate. staple the second plate on top of the first. A shake away! (We ended up giving the kids a chopstick to use as a drumstick. The seemed to like that better.)
As you can tell, these little munchkins had a blast with these instruments! ...but eventually, even little Emma got annoyed with them. We even had to send them downstairs to play for the boys playing Xbox. (The boys were none too happy about that).

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