Monday, November 19, 2012

Under Construction

As you have noticed, our little blog has been going through some changes. In my free time - when I am not reading, crocheting, watching Dawson's Creek, galavanting around NYC, working, writing letters, dating my hubby or sleeping - and the hubs is not editing videos, I like to learn new ways to spruce up the website. The girls from A Beautiful Mess and Enjoy It made an e-course about blog design, so of course, I signed up, and I am learning a lot! But I will not be constrained to the limits of the course! No I won't! So I am googling extra hints, and also emailing the girls themselves asking for help with other tips. They have been very helpful and have gone way above my expectations to lend a hand. Pinterest has a lot of good ideas as well. Learning all of this html coding has been difficult, but a lot of fun.

ketoews blog view template
First Look
Please tell me if something should be added or taken away to make your reading easier and more enjoyable.

1 comment:

  1. i'm loving the changes youve made! and google was my best friend as i tried to figure out the design of my blog. so much "how to blogger" going on. once i caught on to coding, i had a lot more fun and loved knowing what all the little numbers and codes meant.


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