Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sunday we had another Thanksgiving feast with all of us interns with Newark ACTS. We traveled to the Union City house with our food items in tow. This was the first year that I contributed anything of substance to a Thanksgiving feast. I made green bean casserole. So good & so easy! I think it was a success! The two of us also made bread. Him his famous oatmeal bread. Her some pull-apart rolls. We love to bake!
There were foods from everyone's different holiday traditions. Turkey. Stuffing. Mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes. Bread. Green been casserole. Cranberries. But also: Mac & cheese. Spring rolls. Corn bread. Also dessert! Pumpkin, Apple, & Pecan pies. and Red Velvet cake. Plus grape juice & wine.
After the big feast we all gathered in the living room for a game of Taboo. By the end we were all getting quite silly in the heated competition. and much fun was had.

This was the first Thanksgiving feast that the hubs & I shared together as husband & wife, so we wanted to start traditions we plan to carry on through to more Thanksgivings to come. Games afterward will be on the list. But the most special tradition is: Everyone celebrating gets to write their name and something they are thankful for on the table cloth. We hope that we can look back on this table cloth and remember each year, who we celebrated, and wonderful memories.

There is am big debate out there(especially at dinner Sunday) about how you say the word "pecan." Is it (pee-can) or (pah-con)? Opinions please!

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