Friday, October 12, 2012

Date Night #5 - Ikea

Date Night #5 was a huge success. Sometimes date night doesn't always turn out the way we planned because we are tired from work, both have different expectations, or like last week, we get sick. But this week we were both energetic, healthy, and in good spirits.

wendys, burger, fries, bacon, portabella

Living with a vegetarian, we often don't eat meat. Since most of our evening meals are prepared and eaten together, meat is usually excluded from the menu. We hardly even know that we aren't eating meat, but on Date Night we were craving BURGERS! We went to Wendy's down the street. He ordered a Baconator. She ordered a Bacon Portabella Melt. We shared fried, a Cherry Coke, & a chocolate frosty. Delicious!

ikea, newark

Neither of us had ever been to Ikea, so that is where we went next.

That place is AMAZING! We loved roaming through the showroom, pretending we lived in each house/apartment, mentally creating our dream homes, and wishing we hand a more permanent place to live. (Although we do love the vagrant life!). Kam learned that he does not like the modern look, where everything is made of metal. Wood is his material of choice. I am in love with colors: patterns, solids, accents. Now if I could just learn how to match them well.

ikea, erin, sewing, show room

kameron, ikea, show room, books, book shelf

We ended up buying 3 items for a total of about $6. 1) a vanilla scented candle 2) a small purple bin to hold our kitchen sponges and 3) a small green fern.

wine, barefoot, white zinfindel

Date Night ended with a bottle of wine and an episode of Mad Men. What a great evening with the love of my life!

What are your favorite Ikea purchases? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. bought a kitchen cabinet free standing and love it love it love it. Fits perfect into our kitchen and when we move out of this rental it will go with us.


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