Thursday, August 16, 2012

Road Trip - Day #1

The first day of our big trip is completed! Rapid City to Inwood, IA with many stops between. Saying farewell to family has been the toughest part, but we know we will see them again soon (in 3 weeks we'll fly back to Sioux Falls for Kameron's sister's wedding).

One thing I am excited about for this trip - besides the people we get to see & meet... and the end destination- is stuffing our faces with new & delicious food. When we are not cooking our food on our camping stove, we plan to stop at unique restaurants and try new things the picture is from Zoni Pies in SuFu. D-licious! More pictures of great food to come.

We want to know: at what restaurants do you recommend to us to stop? Any favorite spots in Chicago, DC, or MYC areas? Post a comment & let us know.

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