Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

Our first Valentine's Day week was a great one! It started off on Saturday night when Kameron's old residence hall had their annual date night, which we were invited to. We went to Sioux City with a few of our friends and ate supper at the Texas Road House --- and fell in love with their all-you-can-eat fresh sweet rolls! After our meal, we went to a Sioux City v. Des Moines hockey game. We had so much fun!

On Sunday, we went to the movie theater in town and saw The Vow. Such a good movie! We got in for free because Kam review's movies for the NWC newspaper, the Beacon.

Tuesday - Valentine's Day - we were both busy all day with class and clinical. When I got home from clinical, there were red velvet muffins on the carpet greeting me. Take a look! Isn't he a sweet husband? I am lucky to have him. In the evening, we ordered Chinese take-out and ate it on the carpet while watching Titanic. I couldn't imagine a better evening!

I used some of the gift card $ from our wedding to buy a Singer sewing machine! Next step: learn how to sew! Haha. I figured out how to thread the needle and the bobbin and all that jazz. Kameron had me mend his blue jeans, so it is already coming in handy! Any ideas on projects I can make?

Not too much else exciting is happening for a couple more weeks, but at the beginning of March we are planning a Spring Break trip to see my extended family in San Diego! Along the way we will stop in and see sister Morgan, uncle Phil (on Kam's side) an his family, and grandma Regier. Should be a fun trip! (and LONG! we are driving through 12 states)!

What are we going to do after graduation??? That is a question we get asked ALOT! Well, the job hunt has begun. We are focusing our search in the Chicago area, but we are really open to moving wherever the Lord calls us. (If you hear of any opening in the areas of nursing and video editing/production/etc, let us know)

Here is what campus looked like the other day. GORGEOUS TREES!

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