52 Weeks of Art Journaling

For my 25th birthday, Kam bought be an A Beautiful Mess e-course called 52 Weeks of Art Journaling. My guy knows me SO WELL! On my days off work you can either find me 1) adventuring in the Hills, 2) relaxing on the couch watching SVU, or 3) creating something new. My half of the office closet (&lets face it -- most surface space in the apartment) is filled with craft supplies. Scrapbooking. Crocheting. Fabric. Paints. Odds & ends that somehow turn into something uniquely creative. Yep. That's me!

This is the progress I have made on my art journal. I plan to post each week sharing my page & the process behind creating it. You can click on each picture to be directed to the content posted about each page/week.

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