Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Three Romanian Castles You Must Visit

Romania is home to several castles & citadels. On our grand Romanian adventure last year, we visited three remarkable castles that we want to recommend to you. 
11.     Corvin Castle
This castle is located near the town of Hunedoara. It was built & rebuilt many times starting in the year .  Visit this castle to see ancient dungeons and torture chambers, to dance in a grand ballroom, and to have your breath taken away by breathtaking views of the Romanian countryside.
22.     Bran Castle
Located near Braşov, Bran Castle was built in . It is nicknamed “Dracula’s Castle” and much can be read about the book and movie franchise. Visit this castle if your are interested in vampire stories, enjoy taking a “turn about” the courtyard, and to learn about Romania’s rich history.

33.     Peleş Castle
The most regal-looking castle of the bunch, Peleş Castle is located near Sinaia and was completed in 1914. This is a guided tour, so you learn so much interesting information about each room and the history of the family that lived there. Visit this castle for an enchanting tour through a regal castle & to be jealous of the royal family that lived there.

(We also visited several citadels, but perhaps we'll save that for another day...)

Have you ever visited any of these castles? What about castles in other counties? Share your own stories & suggestions in the comments below.

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