Friday, March 20, 2015

Stratobowl Hike - Black Hills

This March weather has been incredibly beautiful in the Black Hills! What better way to spend time outside than hiking a new trail with family!

A while back I saw one of my brother's instagram photos & marveled why I had never been to this place, or at least heard of it!

The Stratobowl has a unique history. Interesting fact: it is considered the "birthplace of the space age." From this site balloons were launched into the stratosphere. Hence the name "stratobowl." Visit their website for more information on history.

The hike is easy and short. My 19 month old niece hiked it. My mother who survived a stroke 4 years ago hiked it. My sister with a hulk-sized baby on her back hiked it. You can do it, for sure!

On this hike were: myself, Kameron, my sister & her two kiddos (#babyfrancys & #harrisonthehulk), my mom & my dad. This was the littles' first hike. I'm glad I was a part of it!

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