Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Top 3 Worship Songs

We've been in the car a lot lately, and these tunes have helped pass the time. Take a listen!

"Joy" by Rend Collective
...actually anything by them. Please do yourself a favor and listen to their music. We've also enjoyed their rendition of some traditional hymns.

"Everything I Own" by Jason Gray
We were introduced to this song just a couple of weeks ago at pre-departure orientation in Chicago by a lovely couple heading to Japan in order to encourage locals to create Christian worship music in modern Japanese styles.

"Sovereign Over Us" by Aaron Keyes
We learned this song again at TEAM orientation in Tennessee last summer. Learn the story of the song.

So that's it. 3 songs we've recently fallen in love with. Join the discussion. What are you listening to lately?


  1. I've not heard of any of them!! This week I've been listening to the Nashville soundtracks. I especially love the song "Life That's Good".

  2. I loved your songs. I've never heard of any of them before... Thinking about telling Kristal about the song "Sovereign over us" as a camp song this summer.

  3. Love these! I've actually never heard of any of these songs, and I just love finding new ones. The first one, Joy, is so beautiful and happy!

    Okay, I just now spotted somethign on your sidebar about Romania!! I have been there twice for missions! I'm off to read about your adventures. :) Thanks so much for linking up!


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