Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making the Most of a Sick Day

Yesterday we, the Toews, were home sick in bed all day long. Yuck. Weird thing is, I think we were sick with different illnesses. Mine was more of a chest cold, cough, congestion kind of sick. His was a sore throat, exhaustion kind of sick. Mine probably came from too many cuddles from a sniffling niece. His from an office full of sick coworkers. It is no fun being sick. But it is fun to stay home from work & watch TV, read books, & nap all day --- especially when my spouse is right next to me doing the same thing!

Here is our recipe for making the most of a sick day at home with your spouse:

  • Sleep in until 9am
  • Eat Toast & Doritos for breakfast
  • Watch a movie directed by Wes Anderson (we chose Bottle Rocket)
  • Fall asleep into a cozy nap in your lover's arms
  • While he continues to nap, take a warm bubble bath and listen to a podcast (I chose Elise Gets Crafty)
  • Eat leftover chicken noodle soup from last night
  • Read Wild by Cheryl Strayed
  • Crochet some hats to fulfill orders for coworkers (her)
  • Edit some videos for clients (him)
  • Binge watch the Blacklist
  • Debate leaving our quarantine to make some food
  • Order some 'zza from Marco's Pizza instead
  • Drink lots of ice water
  • Suck on a lot of Halls vitamin C drops
  • Making baby Francys cry for not playing with her all day
  • Fall asleep watching Crimmie MyMy. (i think most people call it Criminal Minds)
What a fun adventure it was. 

Now excuse me while I attend to the bed sores created by laying in bed, all day long.

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