Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where does the money go?

An question we get asked while meeting with potential partners during this fundraising phase is: Where does the money go? As Christians and financial backers of our trip, this question is important. We are asking our friends, family, and churches for a lot of money to spend one year in Africa.

You'd think it would be cheap to spend a year in a 3rd world country.

There are a lot of costs that don't normal jump into one's mind when thinking about a mission trip to Africa. Let me talk about them here.

Living Allowance: This is what we will have to live on (obviously). Food. Housing. Start-up costs (like buying a bed). Student loans. Other day-to-day living expenses.
Health Insurance: Yes. Even missionaries get injured & sick. Maybe even more so? Satan loves to use illnesses to get in the way of bringing glory to God. Health insurance is important. (Also, if we don't have it, we owe $$ to Obama, since health insurance is a requirement now)
TEAM: The non-profit missions agency has to earn money somehow.
Work Funds: Contacting donors. Internet fee. Work supplies. Camera repairs. Hospital scrubs. All things required for us to complete the tasks at hand.
USA FICA: taxes, man.
Outgoing Expenses: 4 on-way airplane tickets. Visas. Nursing licensing. 3 different missionary orientations. Fundraising coach.

Hope that makes sense. Comment below if you have any questions.

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