Monday, August 04, 2014

crochet4zimbabwe Instagram Sale!

A really neat trend is noticeable on Instagram. Users are creating unique profiles to be used at mini shops. I have seen people sell their clothes or no longer needed items- like a garage sale, I have seen people sell handmade necklaces, & even vintage thrift store finds. & now that we need to raise money for our mission experience in Zimbabwe, I decided to host my own Instagram sale.
I call it Crochet for Zimbabwe. The username is pretty simple to find; it is : @crochet4zimbabwe. Check it out.

I am selling crocheted items of different variety: hats, ear warmers, an afghan, & few other random pieces. 
The sale will be taking place for the next week. Sales close on Sunday at midnight.

It will be an auction-style sale with bids being placed in the comment feed of the instaG pictures. A starting bid has been set for each item. Bids include shipping cost.
Items will not be shipped until payments have been received. (May be harsh, but this is a fundraiser for a good cause & I have put a lot of time into creating each piece. & unfortunately I have "sold" pieces in the past without ever receiving payments... Not a good feeling). Leave your paypal email with your bid.
I will contact the user with the winning bid on Monday, the day after the sale closes. If I don't hear back within 2 days, I will contact the next highest bidder. 
Make sense?

This will be the first of possibly many if these fundraising sales. 

So go visit the Instagram profile @crochet4zimbabwe & start bidding!
If you would like to give directly to us to support our Zimbabwe missions trip, click HERE.

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