Friday, July 11, 2014

Art Journal: Week 5

Woops! This week is late. Oh well. Life goes on.

The prompt for week 5 was "Last Year." And the challenge was once again, neutrals. I used mostly neutrals on this page, but I matched the pink of my shirt in the picture with a pink sharpie to highlight important words.

This picture was taken last summer in the Black Hills on Needles Highway. We've started a tradition of sorts, taking a picture with our arms spread across the tiny tunnel.

The leafs are from a collection of dried leafs that friends have sent me in the mail over the past couple of years - not from last summer.

Last summer seemed happier than now, and that's sad. I really want to be living life with gusto this summer. This page will hopefully be a reminder to do that.

Click here to see the progress of my Art Journal so far. 

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