Sunday, June 29, 2014

Art Journal: Week 4

The prompt for this week was "Simplify or Get Busy." Those of us who usually have busy pages, should simplify, while others who have simple pages, should make them a bit more busy. I feel like my pages are a bit busy, so I went for simplicity. (Though, it turned out more busy that it should have!)

I found an action shot of my niece and little cousin (initially considered a pic I was going to delete/throw away --- so glad I didn't). These two were the flower girl & bring bearer in our wedding. They are pretty special kids. One day the hubs & I were baby sitting these two, and we snapped some pictures. I like how candid it is. Really shows them in their element. 

A fun page displaying my two little loves. What do you think?

Washi tape and colored stickers bought from Michaels. 

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