Friday, June 06, 2014

Art Journal: Week 1

For my birthday this year, Kam bought be an A Beautiful Mess e-course called 52 Weeks of Art Journaling. My guy knows me SO WELL! On my days off work you can either find me 1) adventuring in the Hills, 2) relaxing on the couch watching SVU, or 3) creating something new. My half of the office closet (&lets face it -- most surface space in the apartment) is filled with craft supplies. Scrapbooking. Crocheting. Fabric. Paints. Odds & ends that somehow turn into something uniquely creative. Yep. That's me!

So I did not hesitate to download this e-course & begin my new art journal! I completed the first lesson on the first day. Woops! This e-course is supposed to take a whole year & I already have the first week done. Lol.
Each week, I am given a journaling prompt & a challenge on how to bring out hidden creativity. Tips & tricks are another bonus that the author offers.

This week the prompt was the word "crave." She used the prompt to list cravings she had during that week of her pregnancy. The challenge was to use one color to style the page. She used green. (& I used the same - accident!).
After digging through the photo archives in the closet, I discovered a picture taken on a disposable camera that was snapped before we were even engaged, but posed very near the spot where he proposed just a year later. I had completely forgotten about this picture until I rediscovered it and thought it would be perfect for this project.

I chose to use the color green for this challenge because it is color that I rarely use or even think of as a design choice. It thought it would be a creative challenge & I ran with it. I searched through my stash of scraps of paper & magazine clippings and began to arrange - & rearrange a collage I was satisfied with. 

Coming up with the first things I was craving was not too difficult. ADVENTURE! Duh. It took a few moments for the rest of the list to take form. Love, of course, fluttered out in cursive script while staring at the photo of us. Then the other words were based on the picture so that it was a cohesive list. Those are the cravings we must have had while posing for the picture -- & they are definitely the cravings we still have to this day. 

When I was finished with this first page, Kam furthered the challenge, by saying I should share my weekly art journal pages on the blog. So that is a goal for this 26th year of life. To set aside time each week for this art journal. & to share with my readers the progress of filling out the pages. Wish me luck! I would appreciate any comments & ideas as I continue on in this process. Please your kind words in the comments. 


  1. Cool! I follow ABM, and I like the art journal idea. Your "crave" page is great!

  2. I love A beautiful Mess! What a great idea!


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