Friday, May 30, 2014

The Notch Trail - Badlands, SD

That same weekend we hiked Little Devils Tower in the Black Hills, we also made a quick trip to Kam's hometown to pick up a car his parents are loaning us. While we were in the area, we though "Why not take a little hike in the Badlands?" So that's what we did.
If you have never been to the Badlands in South Dakota, I highly suggest you make it a priority.
It is a surreal place to visit.
Even though I grew up driving through this place, I still feel like I am on a different planet.
Wandering on the moon 
-or Mars-
or something.
 The trail we chose to hike is called The Notch Trail. 
It takes about an hour to 1.5 hours total.
It is a fairly easy trail, with one part that you have to climb a wooden ladder/stairs. (see below)
 Not that bad.
At the end of the trail, before you turn back, there are some "notches" 
where you can look out at a beautiful view.

 We spent some extra time at the top to have a small picnic
& dream big dreams
& reflect on our adventurous marriage
If you want to hike the Notch Trail drive on I-90 in South Dakota & take exit 131 (the Interior exit) & drive on Highway 377 towards the Northeast Entrance to the Park. After you pay to enter the Park, you will see a parking lot with several different trailheads. Doors & Windows is another hiking option, but on the far side is the beginning of the Notch Trail. 

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