Friday, April 11, 2014

Finding Contentment in Romania

 Entry from Erin's Romania Adventure Journal [Monday, March 24, 2014]
As I write & reflect, I sit in Sibiu at the big piaţă (square), on a bench by two different fountains. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing. I am alone. & I am happy. The others ventured into a church nearby. But I chose this spot. I love the independence I have to go my own way --- in Eastern Europe! What a crazy & joyful feeling. I feel as if I could cry. 
& just now a cute, old, Romanian man with a cute black hat just sat next to me on my bench. Could life get better than this? I'm sure it could, but I am quite content!
& although I am about a week behind in journaling & reflecting on my adventures... I'll take this any day. 
When I wrote that journal entry, I remember feeling complete joy & contentment with being where I was. I know - it is very odd. I was not doing anything "adventurous" or "exciting" like caving or hiking mountain. But for me. At that exact moment. It was exciting. It was an adventure. Even today, thinking about my special spot on that bench in Sibui, Romania, my heart is happy. 
I snapped some pictures on my phone to help me remember that moment. This one is the view from my bench. Isn't' it beautiful. Perfection.

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