Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boulder Hill, Black Hills, SD

 This week I heard the Black Hills calling my name.
I followed that calling blindly, and ended up hiking up to the top of Boulder Hill.
This rugged trail follows, not a path worn in the dirt, but a worm path in some rocks.
Follow that path up, up, and up.
 Until you reach this glorious view.
It took time to enjoy the silence, read my Bible, and soaked in the sun.
My little brother & his buddies, coincidentally, ruined the silence by managing to chose the same hiking spot. Odd. But that is the magic of the Black Hills. They are very persuasive to begin an adventure!
If you want to get to Boulder Hill. Take Sheridan Lake Road from Rapid City out a few miles. Lake a left on Boulder Hill Road. Follow the dirt round around and around. There is no marker for where you are supposed to park or hike. I passed the turnoff at one point and had to turn around. You can see the Hill on the left, use that as a gauze as where you are supposed to park. Do not even try to take your car up the road on the left. The road is uneven with rocks jutting out all over the place. Just park your car and hike up to the base of the boulders, and begin your way up this exhilarating hike!

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