Monday, February 03, 2014

Our Whole30 food adventure begins!

I know we are not the only ones out there who have heard of the Whole30 Program. Thirty days of following a basic Paleo diet. Cutting out dairy, grains, added sugar, alcohol, legumes, and added junk from your diet. For only 30 days. 

I think in the past, I would have said that the two of us eat a pretty healthy diet. We cook most of our meals at home. We limit our fast-food purchases. We buy & eat many fruits & veggies. --- but in reality our diet is much more unhealthy that I let myself believe. 

Our favorite food category is chips. 
We often have several containers of ice cream in the freezer (right now I count 3).
Pizza is eaten weekly. 
We love to snack. ( I snack all night long during my nightshifts...)
Although we almost always have spinach in our fridge... it usually goes bad before we use it all.

Food has such a big impact on many aspects of our lives. Let's get past the biggest topic related to food & "dieting": weight-loss. There are so many other (more important) reasons to begin Whole30. The big general topic is health. Physical health. Mental health. Emotional health. Sleep health. Our hope is that at the end of these 30 days our health with be unquestionably improved.

I think the testimonials speak for themselves! Actually, two of the blogs that I read on the daily have followed the Whole30 Program: Today's Letters and Oak & Oats

And although we love chips.
And although I eat cereal on the daily.
And although I can't imagine drinking tea without milk & sugar.
And although our ice cream might go bad by March.
And although carrots with replace my late-night ruffles. 
And although it will be extremely hard.

We begin today to transform our eating habits. The junk we eat will no longer have a stronghold over us. 
We begin today a crazy food adventure. Because 2014 is all about adventures, even if those adventures take place in our own humble kitchen.

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