Monday, December 30, 2013

Adventure - One Little Word 2014

My "one little word" for the year 2013 was forward. And what a forward year it was!

Forward with my marriage.
Forward with my nursing career.
Forward with this little blog.
Forward with my crochet skills.
Forward with my creativity.
Forward with my book library.
Forward with my kitchen skills.
Forward with my life.

All the things I wanted to move forward in, I for sure moved forward it.

At the beginning of 2013, the Mr. & I were jobless & homeless, living in my childhood bedroom in my parent's house. Awesome. By the end of January though, we both had jobs (thought Kam's was not yet full-time) and we were about to move into our apartment, which we affectionately call "Chateau de Toews." Not long after Kam received a full-time position at his workplace and has being receiving raises all year long. I still hold my same job, but have learn so much, taken so many classes, have boosted my resume, have trained new nurses, and have had a nursing student of my very own to mold. I have applied for jobs in my dream unit, have interviewed for jobs in my dream unit, and will hopefully hear back soon (fingers crossed).

I have experimented in the kitchen and have definitely moved forward in my cooking skills.

Although I did not meet my goal of reading 12 books, I have crossed a few books off my list that have been sitting on my bookshelf for quite sometime.

This little blog has had its ups & downs. But I believe it has ultimately gone in the forward direction from last year.

I have recently learned new & more creative crochet stitched & patterns. Along with the new cabled ear warmers, this year I have made a chevron baby blanket, some stuffed giraffes, a stuffed owl, and countless other projects. My crochet skills & my creativity have moved forward this year for sure!

Kam & I have really invested a lot into out marriage in 2013. Our second year of marriage was a success. We have grown deeper & set helpful goals for our little family. This is an area that I want to continually move forward in during the years to come.

Thank you, little word forward. Although I did not think about you everyday, or even every month, you kept with me and really were a key word for my life in 2013.

I really enjoyed coming up with this word and reflecting on it, so I thought I would continue on for 2014. The idea of choosing a word as a theme for a whole year is pretty neat. I liked how I set the word at the beginning of the year, did not focus on it throughout the year, and when I reflected at the end, it was cool how much "forward" I found during 2013.

For the year 2014, the word I chose is "adventure." 

I know, I know.. Mr. & Mrs. Toews always use adventure as a keyword all the time. Here's why I chose this word for this year. The two of us love adventure. Trying new things. Exploring new places. Being adventurous. We have lived in at least 5 different homes since being married for two years. Different jobs. Different adventures all the time. For about a year, we have lived in the same home. Worked at the same jobs. We've had to force ourselves into that adventurous lifestyle. We plan to stay in our apartment for 2014 as well. Two year without mega-change... we'll need a lot of adventure for this year, hence my One Little Word.

One way that we want to live out this adventure is to have at least one adventure a week. Whether that means going on a hike instead of watching TV or planning a day-cation instead of a quiet weekend at home. Traveling. Wandering. Spontaneity. Adventuring.

We have some big adventures planned for this year. Nothing set in stone that we'd want to share yet. Can't get our hopes up yet.

Blogging about our adventures will probably happen. But no promises... we might be deep in the next adventure.

If you have any ideas for our adventure-fulled 2014, please let us know.

What is your little word for this next year??

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