Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Winter-storm Atlas.

Wow. What a storm! I know that it was almost two weeks ago, but still. I want to post some pictures. 
Winterstorm Atlas passed through the Black Hills the first weekend in October this year. There was a lot of snow. Somewhere around 30 inches in Rapid City. as high as 40 inches or more elswhere in the Hills. Can you believe it?
This picture was taken on Friday, the first day of the storm.
Succulents on the patio.
Front window.
Patio on Friday night.
Patio on Saturday morning.
Saturday morning.

Kameron had to trek up our big hill in knee-high snow. His coworker gave him a ride home - the coworkers car was now stuck at the bottom of the hill.
We had two house guests for the whole weekend (they were supposed to leave Sat morning). This is them after running errands around town on Friday. They also had to walk up the hill as their car was stuck at the bottom. This fact allowed them to leave on Sunday instead of Monday, as our parking lot was blocked with snow until Monday morning --- as you can see in other pictures.
Where is my poor car?
No travel allowed? Never been in a storm that bad!
We got so bored when we lost power & being stuck in the apartment for three days, that we found enjoyment in Kameron reading Robert Frost poems.
Saturday was warm enough to go outside. The snow was even melting. Perfect weather for making a snow giraffe! We also made a snow man, but there is no picture of that.
Our neighbor friends from upstairs came down and we made pizza and drank "hot drink."
Our house guests
Sunday we went out for a walk. My car is stuck. Look at those drifts!!
Intersection. But where are the roads??? Covered in snow!
Kam by some drifts up to his waist!

I'm the king of the world!
Poor, cold Gold.E.Locks

Poor trees.
At least the turkeys were having fun!

What a crazy weekend of snow snow snow!

If I would have had to work this weekend, I would have gotten paid to stay the night. Hmm. Overtime would have been nice... but I loved spending time with my hubs, so it all works out.


  1. what a fun snow!! omg. it has not snowed here at all yet!!

  2. I love snow! We don't get to much here in Missouri, we get more ice.
    It looks like you guys made the best of the opportunity.


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