Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#ketocali (Our weekend in Instagrams)

This past weekend the hubs & I took a quick trip to San Diego to see family, friends, ocean, and palm trees. And we loved every second of it (well.. practically...)
Here is out weekend in Instagram photos (#ketocali)
Yummy expensive airport food. Cali here we come!
Thanks RC airport cafe. I always wanted one pickle slice served in a ziplock baggie
California, here we cooooome!
West coast, we're coming for you! Favorite part if the plane ride was seeing mt. Rushmore from above.
One more reason I love getting out of So Dak
To @kamtoews surprise, a compact car rental meant renting a compact car. We're hitting the coast in style!
at Project Pie getting some late night pizza. 
Breakfast on the beach

We are loving the West Coat weekend.
Ocean waves are rolling in, and I am loving it.
Beach day!!
A great day at the beach. Thanks @adlafrance for being our tour guide!!
Kam, you are my best friend & the love of my life. And I love spending my life with you. Thank you for all our adventures. Love you! Xoxo.
SoCal surf competition this morning.
My mermaid found a coffee and scone this morning.
I am going to miss this.
@kamtoews has a palm tree head! Hanging out at our aunt's house for brunch.
 I really do.
Thank you Lord for California sunsets
We have had the greatest vacation. Good times mixed with stressful times mixed with great times mixed with beach times. So many blessings this weekend!
Oh thank heaven, it's 7-eleven! 2am pee break in who-knows-where.
1am 7/11 stretch break...and off we go again.
What do you get after a long , early work week, 48 hours of Cali beach time, mishaps with glasses, and an all-nighter? Sleeping Kam an the plane. 
Traveling partners for life. Let's never stop, OK?
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(this trip satisfies #9 on my 24@24 list)

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