Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tin Can Planter

Last week I went to Lowes and found some really awesome plants. I spent way too much money. But not on this little guy. In the clearance rack, I found him (and a few of his dried-leafed buddies) for $0.70. What what! Although I had to pick a lot of dead leaves and downsized the plant by more than half, I think he may survive. (hopefully?).

I didn't have a planter for him, so I made my own.
What a way to reuse what I already have. Maybe I will have to keep saving my tin cans and have a little tin can garden? Maybe for herbs?  Maybe next year?


  1. A tin can garden would be so cool! especially if you live in an apartment. I want to start a garden soon and that would be a good place to start!

  2. i have always loved tin cans...i use them as edging in my veg garden (see my garden makeover label on my blog) and whilst my in laws have spent hundreds on weather treated wood to divide their allotment which lasted only 2 years, my tin can edging is still they rust too much (although i love this effect) its so easy just to pull a can out and replace it! x


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