Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Sewed a Quilt

Remember for my birthday, I made a list of things to do while I'm 24? Well, I get to cross one of those items off the list. And boy, does it feel good!
#6. Sew a quilt. (#mrstoewsquilts)
 First I cut my fabric into 6x6in squares. Then cut those squares in half diagonally to make these triangles.
 I sewed two colors of fabric triangles together on the long side to make hybrid squares.
 I sewed the hybrid squares together in long strips.
 I sewed those strips together to make the front of the quilt.
 It doesn't look perfect. My corners do not match up everywhere. Oh well.
 I quilted a cream colored fabric to the back. (also sandwiched some padding in between). Making a few criss-crosses. And making the front look a little more disjointed.
I sewed (in zig-zags) some brown binding.
 It was not perfection.
 But over all, I really like how it turned out. It is pretty small, so I have been using it as a lap quilt, but once my niece arrives in July, oh baby, is she going to be swaddled in this. I know she won't mind the imperfections and quirks found in the quilt.

Now I have 1/24 items completed from my list. A few others are in processes, you'll just have to keep reading to find out more.
To read the whole list, click here.


  1. LOVE IT! Making a quilt has been on my goals list for the past couple of years! My sister-in-law is having a little one in July too :) It just might be the push I need to make a "little fabric hug" from auntie.


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