Friday, May 03, 2013

around here

This week has been fun, busy, green, fresh, crafty, tasty, nappy, broken, and cherished.

The hubs & my brother have now roasted their own coffee beans, twice... though they have yet to leave me some to taste test.

I have transplanted my veggies to bigger & better homes. --I sure hope they grow into awesome veggie-bearing plants. My sprouts are much punier than others that my friends' have. Hmm... I also purchased some not-yet-blooming daffodils that will brighten up my busy, work-filled weekend. (Plus the hubs surprised me with some pretty yellow flowers in this cute, yarn-decorated vase {the originally purpose of the vase being to hold teriyaki sauce}).

We are in the process of making our apartment homier. Hence the new greens. Also, figuring out what we want for wall-art. We want a mix of our own pictures, picture of us, and fun art. I picked up some fun strand of lights for our patio... In the process of hanging them I broke 4 bulbs... The lights still work, so that's how it'll be for now.  ---- We are sooo excited to have patio parties this summer. The pool is just yards away. There is a charcoal grill nearby. The view from our patio is amazing. My parents gave us thrifted patio furniture. Summer is going to be awesome.

Some business has come to my little crochet shop. Mostly in the form of baby hats. I have sold a couple, and gave one away to a blogger to review (I'll post that review whenever she does). And if you remember I did a giveaway of one of my simple beanies that Elizabeth L. won. Because I have started mailing out my products, I thought it would be a good idea to send them a business card. So I quickly whipped a few up. Aren't they cute?

It has been a long, hard week for us both. (Doesn't he look so cute & tuckered out?). Kam's workplace has really started to respect him more as a professional videographer, editor, & director. Remember how he started off working 2 hours a day running teleprompter for the morning news? Now he also runs audio. Not only that, he shoots, directs, & edits local commercials. They even ask him to work over-time. At my job we have started working 12 hour shifts (instead of 10). Plus we used to have an overlap during the day where there were 2 nurses per patient... however, those are now gone. So 2 extra hours per day, plus no extra help. Yikes. Naps are a necessity. for us both.

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