Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Crochet Shop

This week I am completing a lot of projects! Horray! From everything to repatinted dining room furniture to crocheted baby blanket for a little soon-to-be-born niece, it has been a good week.
I also finished two little baby hats (seen above) for a lady who requested some for her little girl. I think they are adorable  I almost couldn't send them off in the mail because they were just too cute to give up. But alas, I couldn't disappoint a customer. =)

I love to help people out by providing a service or creating something that will make them smile. I love how some people love to buy my hats as is. I love how other people feel confident in me to ask for custom orders. 

That being said, feel free to check out my little shop. Click here. More items will be added soon. Mostly hats. I know that the weather is getting warmer, but now is a good time to stock up for next winter season. Maybe cross a Christmas gift off your list already?

I am also getting faster at making blankets. Maybe one day I will make a blanket for fun to sell. Right now the blankets I have been making are for gifts.

One day there will be stuffed animals, like this one, posted for sale.

Rugs, dish rags, pillows, coasters. I just need to get creative. =)

& like I said, I take custom orders. post a comment or send me an email, and we can talk details.


  1. I love the cute hats that you posted on here!

  2. I love making hats! I have my own "business" and I make hats, toys, and more toys! :~D All out of crochet! :~)


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