Monday, March 11, 2013

Guest Room Welcome Basket

Last month on the Little House Living blog I write for, I posted about making a Guest Room Welcome Basket. Do you have one of these in your home? I am in the process of getting one ready for our guests. Being in a little apartment not too far away from both of our parents' homes, house guests are a rarity. But when friends & family home to visit, it is important to be prepared!

I know I always feel awkward when I am sleeping over at someone's house and I forgot to pack something important, like toothpaste & Q-tips or batteries & chap-stick  Now that we are more established in our home, I want to be prepared and meet the needs of our guests before they even have to ask.

Click here to see my post about what to include in a Guest Room Welcome Basket. There are also tips on what to leave in the guest room and also point to include in a welcoming note. Be sure to look in the comments section of the post so check out more ideas from some readers. Mostly I tried to think about what a hotel supplies its guest with, but I also got tips here & here.

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