Monday, February 25, 2013

Craft Time: T-Shirt Quilt

Ok. So this is not exactly a current project. It is one that I finished about a year ago. Making a T-shirt quilt had been on my bucket list for many, many years. I had started making one with all of my high school-related shirts, but lost interest and ended up throwing everything away. (my one regret in life... jk).

Once I bought my sewing machine last year (using gift cards from our wedding), I went straight to work on a quilt using shirts from my college days. And I love it! --- I have it wrapped around me right now! 

Here's what I used:
  • T-shirts cut into rectangles (other options: squares & triangles)
  • quilt batting -- enough for the area of your quilt
  • comfy fabric for the back --- enough for the area of your quilt (I used jersey knit fabric because it is so comfy!)
  • embroidery floss to connect all the fabric layers
  • and of course, thread & a sewing machine
Here's What I did: (I wish I had more pictures to show.
  • organize the t-shirt squares in a way that I liked (I wanted to stagger colors while keeping someone of a theme for each row [i.e. RA shirts, mission trips, wing shirts, etc]).
  • pin the squares together by column & sew seams
  • sew the columns together
  • keeping that layer with the fabric designs faced up, lay the back layer then the batting on top.
  • make sure the edges of each layer are aligned
  • pin the three layers together
  • machine sew around the whole thing EXCEPT for about the length of one square
  • flip the quilt inside out through the opening you left
  • hand sew the opening closed.
  • using the embroidery floss, connect the three layers together at each intersection of the squares
  • and be comfy & nostalgic
(because this was my first quilt & I am pretty inexperienced, my "quilting" method is not too advanced, but it is a great tutorial for beginners, to try something more advanced in the quilting world, click here to jump to a tutorial by one of my favorite bloggers) 

Click here for a list of Easy Sewing Projects, a post I wrote for Little House Living.

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