Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding: Reception Food

Did we have a dinner at our reception? No. We made this decision to save a little money and to have a more unique reception. Our ceremony started late, at about 6:30, so it was a bit late to serve a meal.

What did we serve? Our invitation said "Desserts & Dancing to follow the ceremony." So desserts we served. And lots of 'em! Brownies, cookies, cream puffs, candy, cheesecake, Danish cake, cookies as big as pies. There was also a cheese, meats, & crackers platter as well as a veggie platter, because my mother insisted there be some nutrition at this wedding. Our guests surely left with a sugar high.

and beverages? Water, punch, coffee, & hot chocolate. The punch was super delicious and dried up like crazy! Thanks to my nursing professor for providing such a great treat. Because of all the dancing we did, we had to keep filling the punch bowls with water.

Did we serve alcohol?  No. One reason was to save on cost. Another reason was to cut down on messes & drama. And the biggest reason was because of preference. Some of our family does not appreciate the presence of alcohol. To makes them feel more welcome, we opted out. We would rather have good, clean fun and not offend anybody. and it worked wonders! Our guests had a great time. We had a great time! and there was no alcohol served. Even the owner of the establishment was surprised. He said that our reception was the funnest and longest lasting that had ever been held at that location. Usually people leave early and don't dance as much when alcohol is served.

What was the cost of the reception food? Virtually free for us. We had awesome friends & family who made all of the desserts. They put in a lot of hours & work to make that part of our wedding very special to us. So thank you everyone. Two people I want to thank most of all are Mori & Amanda. You guys are awesome. And also my grandmother who provided us with the traditional Danish wedding cake, a Kransekake.


  1. I love this. And your desserts look lovely. :)

  2. Oh, I love those sweets! They will surely be a big hit in every wedding occasion. Haha! Anyhow, I agree with you that not serving alcohol surely cut down messes and dramas. But I know that guests will ask for it, so we still provided them something nice to drink during our wedding party. I'm happy that they enjoyed the delicious signature cocktail drinks we offered.


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