Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Update

We have been back in the Black Hills for about a month now, I figured it was about time to update ya'll on our lives (besides what we have been eating, reading, and crocheting).

This have been picking up for us two Toews.

It has been great to be back here in the town that I grew up in. (and I supposed in the house where I grew up as well). But we are ready to move out of my parents' basement and get out on our own. We were apartment shopping all last week, and we found a really nice place. Reasonably priced. Big kitchen. 2 bedrooms. 2 baths (unneeded, but a bonus I guess). Walk-in closet. Patio. Pool & hot tub onsite. We plan to move in at the beginning of February.

And we have jobs to pay rent! Horrah!

Kam has two jobs. Since the new year began he has been running camera & teleprompter for a local news station for a couple hours each day. Although it is part-time, he loves it. The boss says he has a chance to advance as time goes on. Perhaps soon he will be making commercials & advertisements.

His other job is at a local trophy shop. They supply trophies for sports teams, church events, and all your trophy needs. He will be working at the front counter, answering phones, and learning how to to engravings. Kam is so excited at this new & interesting opportunity.

(Of course he will still be doing video projects on the side.)

I have one job. The local hospital offered me a full-time nursing position on med-surg. I am very, very excited to practice nursing again. Graduation was about 8 months ago, and I am a little out of practice. I will be part of a nurse residency program, where I will attend monthly in-services with other new graduate nurses and will also be paired up with a mentor. What a learning experience I am getting myself into.

Oh,  but I do get a little extra cash on the side. In February I will start getting paid per post over at Little House Living. Still wondering where that little income will go towards. Snacks? Crafts? Advertising for this little blog? Hmm.

Oh how excited we are! We can't wait to set up our new home. Put everything in its place. Get to establish ourselves together. Invite over house guests. Work on some projects (revamping or totally constructing furniture). Be on the lookout for the following banner on upcoming posts, as you will probably find info on different projects for our new little home.


  1. I am so excited for your operation apartment!!! It is so fun putting a house together!


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