Monday, December 31, 2012

Little House Living Contributor

Looks like my little word 2013 (forward)is already put into action.

Little House Living

My childhood friend Merissa is the host of a blog and business called Little House Living. She has asked me to become a contributor & to write a few blog posts a month for her site. I will be joined with 2 other contributors each with their own personal blogs.

On average, I will write three posts a month for Little House Living. Although I will not be compensated for these posts monetarily, I hope this opportunity will bring me more readers and more inspiration to write better posts for my own little blog. Hopefully my role as a contributor will move this blog & my writing skills forward this year.

I will try to post here to let you know when my entries are up on Little House Living. Be sure you check them out, along with the rest of the posts from Merissa and the other contributors.

Little House Living also released a new Homestead's Home Management Binder for sale.
The Homesteader's Home Management Binder is filled with 29 pages that will help you keep your urban or country (or even city!) homestead well managed. You can even use this even if you don't can or garden and you just want to organized your household! You will be able to keep everything in one binder so when you need something or need to write down some info you have it all in one place! - Little House Living.
Merissa is offering $1 off the purchase of this binder through this Saturday when you use the coupon code ORGANIZED at check-out. Click here to view more details.
(During this process I also joined the Little House Living affiliate program.If you purchase from LHL using the following link, I receive a portion of the profits. Click here to view more details)

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