Friday, December 28, 2012

Forward - One Little Word 2013

Elise from Enjoy It, one of my new favorite blogs, comes up with one word to describe her outlook on each new year. This year her word is brave. Other words she has used are choose and magic. I really like this concept, and want to adopt it for 2013.

My one little word for this new year is: forward.

Ok. yes. Kameron already pointed it our to me. This was Obama's slogan for the 2012 election. Whatever. That's not the point.

This word is meant for me. Not for the whole nation.

I want to move forward.

Forward with my marriage.
Forward with my nursing career.
Forward with this little blog.
Forward with my crochet skills.
Forward with my creativity.
Forward with my book library.
Forward with my kitchen skills.
Forward with my life.

This year seems like a great year to move forward. We have survived year one of marriage. We have graduated college. We have moved far away from home, then moved back to be with family. WE have made big decisions together. Our lives have been pretty unstable. Now is the time to move forward. Moving forward does not necessarily mean stability, but it does mean growth, maturity, and being active with our lives.

Please encourage me to live out this little word - forward- throughout this new year.

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