Friday, December 07, 2012

Farewell Newark!

As some may know, and others do not, the two of us have resigned from our internships and our intern program in Newark, NJ. Since the very beginning, things here have been shaky (remember this post?). Things kept building up, and we had to make a choice. It was not a very easy one. But in the end we needed to do right for us. We will be in Jersey for another week, staying with my great-aunt, possibly visiting the shore, and celebrating our 1st anniversary in NYC. Then we pack up the car, and head back to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Home sweet home.

+Thank you to everyone for your support
+Thank you to our housemates for sharing your living space with us.
+Thank you to all the interns for befriending us.
+Thank you to Newark ACTS & all those at the Episcopal House for taking us as your own.
+Thank you to NYC for allowing us to adventure your vastness.


  1. SD will be glad to have you guys back.

    1. Agreed! Sorry we won't be able to visit u in NJ though! Love you


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