Sunday, December 02, 2012

Bishop Jack Spong

As part of Newark ACTS we are required to read some assigned books as homework (...feels like we are back in class again). For the month of November we read Why Christianity Must Change or Die by John Shelby Spong. A very interesting book authored by a very interesting man. Jack Spong was at one point in time the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark (the Diocese of which I am employed). Some people call him the most controversial bishop in history. He has been in the center of many social changes for more than 50 years. Although he did not march with the King, he was declared the enemy of the KKK. When he fathered his daughters he became a feminist supporting the ordination of women. He fought with the Episcopal Church and was the first to ordain an openly gay priest. He hand-writes all of his sermons and books, otherwise, "I would still be on chapter one today." His theology is unlike any person that I have met.I may not agree with 95% of his beliefs, but he is the most loving and strong-faithed man I have seen in awhile. After he was done talking he stated "so that's who I am & I like who I am & I have loved my life." Words that I want to speak before I am done living.

The best part about Spong, according to me,
 is that he whenever he speaks of the woman he married he says
"my sweet wife."

After our Q&A session with him, he and his sweet wife walked us to a fancy restaurant were we wined and dined and had merry conversation. I had butternut squash soup, an asparagus & pear salad, and for desert - lemon sorbet in a lemon peel. Delicious (except the salad was a weird mix never to be had again). 

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