Monday, November 26, 2012

Weird Wednesday.

newark expolosion
I know it is not Wednesday, but last week Wednesday was really weird. The two of us were at home with one of our housemates making pizza, about to sit down to watch a movie. All of a sudden, our house rattled. It sounded like a branch fell on our roof, or like someone slammed into our front door. It startled us, kinda freaked us out, but we continued any way. A bit later sirens sirens sirens blared down the street, so we decided to go out and see what happened. We saw about a dozen fire trucks stop in the street less than a block from our house. Police cars and ambulances too. Hooking up fire hoses, taking out stretchers.

What in the world? We didn't know what happened until we looked online for news the next day. An abandoned house near by exploded and caused a huge fire in another house. They say the cause was natural gas. No one was hurt, but it took many rescue workers to get the fire out.

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