Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful for:

Thanksgiving may be over. Black Friday has come & gone. But I am still participating in the giving of thanks. Each day in November I chose something that I was thankful for. It was a great practice in being grateful for the things I have. Although I won't always right them down, from now on, I will try to continue this practice.

1: safety from the storm.
2: half a tank of gas in my car.
3: lazy Saturdays.
4: laughter.
5: hot water. --- which we haven't had all weekend. (to bad it went away later that day)
6: The extra 3.334 gallons of gas in my car.
7: Courtney, Ker, Jamarr, & Yucleidis for the use of their hot shower. Best shower ever!
8: weekly date nights with Kameron.
9: my electric blanket that keeps me cozy all winter long
10: time to myself to crochet & relax
11: my husband who stops at Wendy's when I am in need of a chocolate frosty & fries
12: Michael & Dixie Doyle - for the support of my parents
13: a boss who is supportive, caring & very helpful.
14: my housemates and the fun time we had celebrating Olivia's birthday at Applebee's.
15: a job where all I do is hangout with kids.
16: Northwestern College... but not so much the student loans that are starting to nip at our toes & pocketbooks.
17: a very fun week!
18: a house that smells like fresh-baked bread.
19: imagination & creativity
20: friends who double as penpals. That way we can remain close from miles away.
21: Wednesdays that double as Fridays - four day weekend!
22:spending time with my hubby! Our 1st Turkey Day as man & wife. <3
23: an opportunity for service. The church next door was shorthanded for their soup kitchen, so we jumped at the chance to lend a hand.
24: Saturdays at home alone with the hubs, making breakfast, watching Saved by the Bell, & being in love.
25: ice cream, Netflix, bed, & a guy who tucks me in when I'm sick.
26: the kindness of others.
27: family members. They support our marriage so we can go to this musical for our anniversary!
28: junk food when I need it.
29: tea.
30: reading a good book. (or a not-so-good book, but one that makes you challenge yourself)

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