Saturday, November 17, 2012

Date Night #10!, Skyfall, & a Birthday

This week we had a lot of outings together. We went to a movie, and went out to eat TWICE! Date night was actually moved to Thursday instead of on Wednesday. The reason being, it was our housemate Olivia's birthday on Wednesday! Happy Birthday Olivia! So fun!

Tuesday, the two of us, along with two other interns went to the big new theater in our neighborhood to see Skyfall, the newest James Bond movie. I thought it was really good, but in Kameron's words "It didn't blow my mind..." Of course the film was chalk-full of action scenes with all sorts of stunt-doubles and computer animation. The love scenes were a little wanting. But it always pulls on my heartstrings when a main character dies and/or comes back to life. I do appreciate a suave British secret agent, any day. Plus, when Adele sang the song in the opening credits... I got shivers.

Wednesday, our house went out for supper to celebrate Olivia's birthday. Despite the terrible waiter, my rock-hard sandwich, and the pitcher of sangria that arrived way late, it was a pretty fun time. Yes, my sandwich was on-the-house, and the first half was edible, so I was able to get enough to eat. Kam had a bacon burger with all the fixin's. It was fun to get out of the house as a whole group and celebrate together.

Thursday, we finally got to have date night. We traveled back to Maplewood, the town where we went for Date Night #1, and ate at a pizza place called Arturo's.  We designed our own: pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni, and garlic. Delicious! The pizza is baked in a fire-burning oven. They also served cold water in a clear glass bottle. What a fun place to eat. Over dinner we had some good conversation about our relationship. Ever since last Christmas we had been meaning to crack open our Christmas gift from his parents called 10 Dates to Energize Your Marriage. (Yes, we do get the silliness of getting a gift about energizing our marriage one week after getting married. Once we said "I do"... we got stuck in a rut...) So the first date was to go out to eat and take a walk down memory lane by thinking and talking about our first date, first kiss, happiest moments, romantic moments, etc. The conversation brought many smiles to our faces. We haven't even been married a year, but we have has so many great times. Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with that man!
Across the street from the resturaunt was  cute book store called Words. It was fun to browse the store and read each other fun facts from the reference sections. Then it was back home to watch the newest episode of New Girl. #laughedtilwecried

Can you spot the thing that made me jump & yelp?

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