Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canon T3i Arrives

I know that everyone and their dog bought a DSLR camera years ago, but Mr. and Mrs. Toews are usually a bit behind the times. I've had my dreams set on one for a long time, mostly because of their amazing video features. DIY filmmakers have found that DSLR cameras provide (basically) professional results at a fraction of a fraction of the cost of professional cameras. Heck, they used one to film an entire episode of "House" a couple years ago!

Finally we gave in and bought a Canon T3i, and it arrived in the mail yesterday! I figured that if I'm going to have any sort of career with video, I should have a camera that will provide professional quality. It's an investment to our future. 

Erin took a video of the Grand Opening.

I present thee all with the first ever photo taken on our new toy... eckem... tool.

And the second ever photo taken.

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