Sunday, October 07, 2012

NYC: High Line, Chelsea Market & David Blaine

Aunt Mary, from California, made a visit to New Jersey this past week, and we got the pleasure of spending two afternoons with her. One day, Kam & I were invited to lunch at my Aunt Enid's house where we had sandwiches for lunch and chatted over tea. Then yesterday, we met Mary in NYC where we walked the High Line. "The High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan's West Side." It was a lovely walk in the park; it dot even feel like we were in the big city at all. What a difference this addition probably makes in the hearts of the locals. What a breath of fresh air! I'm glad we got the chance to visit the High Line. Perhaps we'll have to go again one day.

After the High Line, we took a tour of the Chelsea Market. A couple weeks ago, Kameron and our roommate Andrew stumbled upon this place while walking around Manhattan. Inside a big old building are many different stores, shops, and restaurants. They range from Anthropology clothing store to a lobster tank to a cupcake bakery to a beer filling station. What a variety! I was overwhelmed by it all. Some night for Date Night, we'll have to come back and sample all the tasty treats found throughout Chelsea Market. We only got as far as a bagel with cream cheese.

Before we parted ways, we continued to explore the West Side by Chelsea and made our way over to the River to check out some odd music that was playing on a stage by the water. To our surprise and amusement, we discovered that Intel was using the stage to advertise for their new Ultrabook. And who better to advertise for them than... David Blaine - the stuntman himself. For 72 hours, he has challenged himself to stand on a post and receive 1 million volts in this stunt called "Electrified." Crazy!

(Little known fact: David Blaine is Kameron's childhood hero. He got to live a dream this weekend when he saw David Blaine perform this stunt.)

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