Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Vintage Summer

This summer in the Black Hills has been one of remembering our childhoods. It all started when I was asked... ah-kem... forced to clean out my old things from my parents' house. I'm married. I shouldn't have things at Mom and Dad's. Right?

Roller Coaster Tycoon. Many, many hours spent building the best roller coaster with the perfect amount of loops and corkscrews. Blast those little Sims for their weak constitutions that limited the extremity of my iron designs. 

Caesar 3. This quickly became a consumer of summer afternoons. Erin and I quickly regained our earlier love for creating Roman cities. I prefer the militant cities, her the peaceful territories. Now we know that wolves will eat all your villagers, so take care of them first.

Mmmm. The original Nintendo GameBoy. The only colors being yellow and black. A small wheel adjusting between the two. My siblings can attest to the many hours of road trip helped passed by our old friend.

I recently began a game of Zelda: Link's Awakening, only to quit once I rediscovered the high difficulty of the maze on level 2. 

As a youngster, Super Mario Land was darn near impossible to beat. I was a bit disappointed to beat it in under an hour this summer. 

Play Station 1. The original. The quirky game titles. The Crash Bandicoot series quickly became my favorite childhood games. This summer I realized it is only an updated, 3 dimensional version of Mario.

NBA Live 99. Most of my basketball knowledge comes from this game. I apologize if I still think Allen Iverson played for the 76ers his whole career.

Erin and I combined our Pokemon cards for sale at the local gaming communities. Unfortunately, they are not yet seen as old enough to be valued for purchase. I guess we'll hold on to them and let our children learn how to play the game, since Erin and I never did. 

I still have a notebook where I took upon the task of drawing each of the original 151 characters. Now Wikipedia is telling me there are 649. Grumph.

Did you ever play these games during your childhood? Let me know.


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