Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Transition Summer

We are in a transition period. Transitioning from college students to "adults." From the Orange City bubble to  the "real world." From singles to spouses. From a nursing student to a full blown registered nurse. Etc etc.

During this transition summer we are taking a break from the busy schedule we had at NWC. We are taking a break from the busy schedule of the "real world." And we are simply enjoying. Enjoying life. Enjoying marriage. Enjoying good -and sometimes mediocre- literature (ex: Tale of Two Cities, Persuasion, Lovely Bones, & Crazy Love). Delicious food. New recipes. Rediscovered TV series (insert clips from the Wonder Years, Saved by the Bell). Newly-discovered TV series (Mad Men, Touch). Time with my parents. Enjoying Post 22 baseball games. Discovering new hobbies like crossword puzzles & cleaning my parents' house. Reading this blog and writing each other letters. And making To-Do lists - the most exciting one being  To-Do Our Year on the East Coast (coming soon).

That's right, folks! The Toews are moving to New Jersey!

We were accepted to be interns with the Episcopal Service Corps as part of Newark Acts. We start at the end of August and will be there through July 2013. Super dooper excited! Super dooper scared... Bring it on! We are searching for your prayers and encouragement as we will be venturing to a new place, living with strangers, and we don't even speak the language (insert annoying Jersey accent here).

What are you enjoying about this summer? Any big plans? We'd love to hear from you!


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