Saturday, March 31, 2012

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It has been 3.5 months since we got married. Crazy. Time flies.  And no, we have not, as some of you asked, gotten on each other's nerves too much to file for divorce. We are very much enjoying our marriage. =).

I wish that we had an update as to what we will do after graduation, but unfortunately, no jobs have been offered, and we are too indecisive to just pick a place to move until we have an option. I have a nursing pinning ceromony at NWC on Thursday, May 10th, then we will graduate on May 12th. After that, we will live in Orange City until the end of the month as I study for the nursing NCLEX. My brother Pat has offered his house in the Black Hills for the summer, as he will be out of town. So perhaps we will vacation there until we figure something else out. Wish us luck!

If you know of any video jobs or nursing positions that are open in your area, please let us know. =)!

In front of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. (where the Oscars were held)

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