Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Kam and I are celebrating our frist Christmas as husband & wife at his parents' house in Kadoka, SD. It has been a lovely day! Carmel rolls for breakfast. Church with Pastor Gary dressed as a wise man. Honey-baked ham for lunch. Opening book-themed gifts. Ride on a two-horsed open sleigh/carriage. Nap. Decorating sugar cookies. And soon a viewing of Home Alone! I have enjoyed my first Christmas as a member of the Toews family.

Tomorrow the two of us will head back to Orange City to settle down and relax. We have been go-go-go all semester with classes and wedding planning, then finals, a few days later the wedding, then early Christmas with the Doyles, honeymooning in Montana for a week, and Christmas weekend in South Dakota. I know I am tired! Whew!

We hope to make a honeymoon post with pictures and possibly some video clips. So stay tuned!

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